Mozart Day 2025

1-day Mozart Festival of the Concerto Budapest | Artistic Director: András Keller | Host: András Batta

Details are coming soon...

Year after year since 2018, Concerto Budapest has dedicated a day-long series of concerts to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the eternal favourite of classical music, or rather to our shared and unquenchable passion for Mozart. And so it is on the first Sunday in March 2025. 

"This day will stay with me for the rest of my life as a bright, clear and beautiful memory. The magic of Mozart's music still rings in my ears, as if from a distance."

This is what Franz Schubert wrote two hundred years ago about a day spent listening to the music of his great and much admired predecessor, and it is a good chance that we will all remember this Mozartian Sunday in the same way.

The concert could be visited with the following season tickets