Concerto Budapest remains a superb ensemble of the top rank. Tacet's recorded sound is exemplary. A fabulous disc.”

We are very grateful for Colin Clarke's excellent review of our TACET recording of Shostakovich's Symphonies No 9 and No 5. The review is available on the Classical Explorer classical music portal.

Concerto Budapest featured at Guildford’s G-Live a while ago on Classical Explorer. Here is a coupling of two of Shostakovich's most popular symphonies.

The Ninth, appearing between the gargantuan Eighth and the emotionally laden Tenth in Shostakovich’s output, showcases Concerto Budapest’s tremendous discipline. The first movement is full of acerbic wit, almost circus-like in its dance-like, angular gestures, with trombone with its two-note fanfare as ring master.

Click HERE for the entire review on Classical Explorer's website.