Concerto Color

  • Luciano Berio: Opus number Zoo (wind quintet)
  • Charles Ives: The Unanswered Question
  • Gábor Csalog: Nagy Cirkusz

--- intermission ---

  • Stravinsky: Ragtime for 11 Instruments
  • St ravinsky : Suite No2. for small Orchestra
  • Luciano Berio: Folk songs 
  • Featuring: Veronika Harcsa
  • Conductor: András Keller

The early summer concert of Concerto Color could well be subtitled ‘Little evening circus’ since it promises to be extremely entertaining: it attempts to answer the unanswerable in a charmingly ironic, cheerfully absurd, harmoniously dissonant tone. Berio’s Dadaist fairy tale interpretation and Ives’ contemporary meditations are followed by a glimpse into the compositional world of Liszt Prize holder pianist Gábor Csalog. His work is akin to a Postmodern collage; taken together, quoted, condensed passages and cross-talk transform into something entertainingly original. This unique musical selection references not only the world of contemporary melodies but jazz, too, through Stravinsky’s Ragtime for 11 Instruments, followed by a Neoclassical-inspired, more traditionally framed work by the great master. The closing piece gives the audience a hint of world music through the Italian maestro’s work, interpreted by the entrancing vocals of Veronika Harcsa.