Gidon Kremer and András Keller made a lifetime performance!
By Sin-Yujin Gija, June 2017

Splendid performance as threading diamonds from the deep inside of soul

May 31th, 8pm in 2017, Seoul Art Center Concert Hall was filled with the sound of music that Gidon Kremer known as one of the greatest violinists and András Keller, the international level of a soloist, an art director and chief conductor of Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra naturally released the mastery performance from the bottom of their soul. 

The audience were mesmerized by their sophisticatedly delivered beauty of music. The virtuosos were living in the music in the "moment" on stage. It seemed there was no need to describe the performance by Gidon Kremer even with a word. The music notes that he played were just as noble crystal drops of water very carefully holding on with his hands, interweaved all together to pull out a silky thread. The phenomenon was just an intangible art theater. 
A collaboration between Gidon Kremer and András Keller, playing Bach Concerto for Two Violins, Strings, and Continuo in D minor, BWV 1043 built a courageous, yet honest-to-goodness contrast as they were an interlocutor each other. They created a conversation in their self-referential language of music, and the audience were fully saturated within their perfectly coordinated blending of music in the "moment." It was just a fascination.