Hungarian Gems Series 2022

By now a tradition, Concerto Budapest dedicates a concert series to the classic masterpieces of Hungarian music and its many values well worth discovering, its contemporary novelties and specialties of the last century, furthermore, domestic productions marking the meeting points of various worlds of genres and performers. And it is by far from the first time that András Keller and colleagues have offered us all this wealth of universal musical heritage condensed into a single festival. We are talking about the Hungarian Gems Series, which in the wake of last year’s resounding success now features – over the course of one day – the music of Bartók, Kodály, Hubay, Liszt, and László Dubrovay all for the listening pleasure of Liszt Academy audiences. The programme comprising a total of three concerts sees the appearance on the stage of young talents, the “stars of the future”, such as Gáspár Kelemen, Teo Gertler, Dániel Ali Lugosi, Mihály Boros, and word wide famous performers of the classical music and opera scene including Dénes Várjon, Gábor Bretz, Szilvia Vörös. In addition, Muzsikás Ensemble in cooperation with Mária Petrás and Kámán Balogh will be representing the Hungarian folk music tradition and giving a musical-cultural profundity to the Hungarian Gems Series event.

Hungarian Gems Series: Stars of the Future

Hungarian Gems Series: Liszt and Bartók