Artistic director: András Keller

“Eternal serenity, fickle passion, / majestic composure: Mozart speaks” These are the lines written by a young Dezső Kosztolányi in his verse prologue dedicated to the opening of a concert in Subotica, and these lines would be equally apt to usher in this year’s Concerto Budapest concert series marking Mozart Day, a tradition with the ensemble since 2018. Our immortal favourite speaks to us in the morning, afternoon and evening on the first Sunday in April: in the Grand Hall, Solti Hall and Cupola Hall of Liszt Academy.

“The purpose of Mozart Day is ‘only’ to make us all happy using this marvellous, inexhaustible musical source,” is how in an earlier interview András Keller expressed the modest and yet most promising intent of the event, and realization of this objective is being served by such brilliant musicians as Evgeni Koroliov, Gábor Takács-Nagy, György Vashegyi, Andrea Rost, Kristóf Baráti and Izabella Simon, who promises once again a ‘Magic Class’ for the children’s matinee. A symphony and piano quartet, arias and concertos, string quartets and sonatas, indeed the Mass in C minor, perfect even in its unfinished state, are all on the programmes of concerts that follow one after the other throughout the day.

Mozart Day 1 - Opening concert

Mozart Day 3 - String Quartets

Mozart Day 4 - Violin Concerto and Symphony

Mozart Day 5 - Sonatas and Piano Quartet

Mozart Day 6 - Mass

Mozart Day 7 - Closing concert