Concerto Budapest in March

In March, Concerto Budapest welcomes spring with a colourful range of concerts. With Women’s Day approaching, it might be a great idea to buy a double ticket for some of the upcoming shows. (Photo: Sándor Benkő)

On 19 March, as part of the Concerto Heavy Metal series, French horn player Bálint Tóth will perform at Budapest Music Centre with a show featuring works by Mozart, Bartók and Brahms. On 25 March Concerto Budapest offers a special tribute to the 90-year-old French composer Pierre Boulez, presenting three of his pieces, two of which (Incises and Sur Incises) have never been played in Hungary before. On 31 March the orchestra will be conducted by British composer, pianist and conductor Thomas Ades. A brilliant programme for children will take place on 22 March at 11am, where Gábor Iván and pantomime artist Csaba Méhes will entertain the youngest music lovers at the Páva utca Music House.