Guest member

Mihály Berecz was born in Budapest in 1997. At the age of seven he started to played violin, two years later he began to play piano with teacher Major Edit. She is a student of Erzsébet Kőrösiné Belák, a pupil of the King Saint Stephan Music School. He has won several prestigious piano competitions. Such musical magnitudes follow his development as Zoltán Kocsis, Rita Wagner or Tamás Vásáry.
He was introduced in Palace of Arts Budapest on May 30, 2013, where he performed with Zoltán Kocsis. He worked with such conductors as Zoltán Kocsis, Tamás Vásáry, György Vashegyi, Kálmán Záborszky, Gergely Ménesi or Tamás Gál. He performed as a guest with the Zugló Philharmonic, Miskolc Symphonies, Košice State Concert Orchestra, Concerto Budapest, Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Philharmonic Orchestra. He has performed in the Great Hall of the Academy of Music, at the Bartók Béla National Concert Hall, at the Hungarian State Opera House, at the Pozsony State Philharmonic Hall and at Berliner Konzerthaus, where he played the Hungarian Fantasy of Ferenc Liszt. He was also invited to the Faust Ball at the Opera House where he gave a solo concert. His knowledge was extended by Attila Némethy, Gábor Csalog, Barnabás Kelemen, András Kemenes, Malcolm Bilson, Ian Fountain, Hamish Milne and Michail Markov's masterclasses. His repertoire is extremely wide: from baroque to contemporary composers.