The Day of Listening 2023

Music festival in BMC by Concerto Budapest- Ligeti Ensemble

Programme director: András Keller, music director and chief conductor of Concerto Budapest

Understanding, wonderment, profundity, discoveries and rediscoveries: this is what the Day of Listening promises the public and, indeed, the performers in what is the fifth occasion the festival has been arranged, this year on Sunday 5th of November 2023. It is a tradition for music programs on the Day of Listening to be staged in several venues at the same time, during which visitors meet András Keller and artists of Concerto Budapest as well as superlative soloists and chamber musicians. The one-day music event by Concerto Budapest is designed to focus attention primarily on contemporary music and the creative knock-on influences arising between masterpieces of different ages. THE VIOLIN CHANNEL will LIVE STREAM the event on the website and on Facebook.

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